Will Heikkinen Rhode Island: Sports Safety Tips to Consider this Summer

//Will Heikkinen Rhode Island: Sports Safety Tips to Consider this Summer

Will Heikkinen Rhode Island: Sports Safety Tips to Consider this Summer

In a few days, school will be out, and more playtime will be in.

As an avid sports coach, Will Heikkinen of Providence Rhode Island is all for children being more active outdoors.

“It’s all about balance”, says William Heikkinen. “To play it safe, however, a few safety rules should be enforced.

William Heikkinen Brown University Summer Tips

For a summer that is jampacked with activities, such as bike riding, summer camping, or park days, parents should recognize potential dangers – and educate young children about precautions to take in various scenarios.

Some include:

  1. Will Heikkinen Brown: Cycle Through Bike Riding Tips

Any time your child hops on a bike, a safety helmet should be worn. Accidents are never expected, but they do happen.

A simple helmet cushions the blow in the event of a fall and reduces the risk of serious head injuries – especially if the rider is traveling at an accelerated speed.

  1. William Heikkinen Rhode Island: Dive into Water Safety

Another summer fix that most of us enjoy is visiting the pool. Before scheduling a splash with your children, however, Will Heikkinen Brown urges parents to be vigilant at all times.

Be sure to keep a close eye on children of all ages to prevent drowning. Also, it’s important to teach little ones about the risk of diving into shallow areas or getting carried away with aggressive play.

Finally, if you have a pool at home, be sure to install secure covers when it’s not in use.

  1. William Heikkinen Providence RI: Beat the Heat

Another concern during the summertime is the scorching heat, which poses several risks such as dehydration, sunburn, or heatstroke.

Be sure to use a dermatologist-approved sunscreen and drink water throughout the day, especially while playing outdoors. On hot days, it is sometimes best to take playtime indoors.

William Heikkinen RI is on a mission to help keep children safe this summer. Consult your family doctor for more safety tips to exercise this summer.

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